Why Print Marketing Still Matters

Social media, SEO, email. The rapid evolution of digital channels has seen traditional print marketing pushed to the wayside. But while digital technologies have a valuable role to play, print marketing still remains a major asset in the online age.

Just take a look at your Inbox. How many emails do you delete unopened? Now compare that with the dwindling number of letters that drop onto your doormat.  Which media type is holding your attention for longer?

Direct mail and printed materials have a better chance than ever of cutting through the marketing clutter – not least because they’re something we can actually pick up and hold. Millward Brown, a global research agency, found that physical media left a “deeper footprint” on the brain than digital equivalents. In other words, media that we can touch and manipulate has a greater impact on our memories and emotions.

Households in the UK are receiving less physical post as customers switch to online billing, and this is having a big impact on how we treat print materials.

A 2016 study, carried out by Wilmington Millennium Mortascreen, claimed that nearly 500 million more mailings are being opened compared to 2013.

There is no definite reason why less mail is being thrown away unread, but better targeting and personalisation appear to be behind the improved response.

Dimensional Mail

According to research by Baylor University, unusually shaped or ‘dimensional mail’ boosts response rates by as much as 75% over flat direct mail. Pop up mailers and interactive print marketing products, like these ones made by Whitney Woods, encourage repeat handling and add a crucial element of ‘keepability’.


A 2015 neuroscientific study found that postcards were superior to email in four out of nine ad attributes: engagement time, emotional reaction, recall, and building a subconscious desire for a product or service.

Postcards are also one of the most affordable print marketing options. We created this double sided postcard for LeadTec to promote their backup and disaster recovery service.

print marketing

‘Solar’ Powered Print

This Shikun & Binui Solaria print ad was designed by BBR Saatchi & Saatchi Israel. When the page is held up to a light source, the backside of the ad (printed in colour) shows through. It’s a simple but effective use of print material.

Coca-Cola Print Ad iPhone Speaker

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of Coca-Cola FM, ad agency JWT turned Brazil’s Capricho magazine into an amplifier.

Volkswagen: The Bluemotion Label

Ad agency Ogilvy used eco-friendly print inserts in magazines to promote Volkswagen’s Bluemotion range of vehicles. Readers were encouraged to peel off the attached freepost label, stick it to the magazine they’d finished reading, and send it off to a third-party recycling agency. Smaller brands could easily replicate this smart idea.

Merging digital and print marketing

Digital marketing may now be the norm, yet savvy brands who combine the tangible benefits of print materials with the trackable response mechanisms of digital media are almost inevitably onto a winner. The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) 2015 report found that 58% of integrated marketers are looking to innovations like embedded video to enhance the impact of mailings.

TV in a Card

TV in a Card creates High Definition WiFi enabled video brochures, cards, books, folders, and direct mail. Some of the world’s best known brands us the service, including BBC Sport, Bentley, Calvin Kline, and Unilever.

Nivea Sun Kids Monitor

Winner of the Mobile Grand Prix at Cannes in 2014, this print ad included a wristband that helped parents monitor their child as they played on the beach. Once connected to an app on their smartphone or tablet, parents would receive an alert if their child wandered beyond safe limits.

Motorola Interactive Print Ad

Motorola worked with Wired magazine to produce this print ad promoting the customisability of the Moto X. At the push of a button readers could change the colour of the phone on the page.

Novalia PrintedMIDI for DJ QBert’s Album Cover

Novalia teamed up with DJ Qbert to create the world’s first interactive DJ Decks in an album cover. Using printed MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) technology, the touch-sensitive artwork in the vinyl’s sleeve doubled as a DJ turntable for an iOS app.

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