6 Ways to Boost Your Brand with Sustainable Displays

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Your company puts time, money and effort into creating an effective trade show exhibit or POS display – but are you missing out by not making sustainability a priority?

‘Green’ issues are no longer niche. Eco-minded consumers are a major opportunity for marketing departments. Today’s clients expect your brand to have values, and to be able to demonstrate those values on every occasion.

The rise of sustainable exhibition stands

Six years ago Sainsbury’s, Unilever and Forum for the Future collaborated to produce the Consumer Futures report. It explored four plausible scenarios that could change the global consumer goods industry  by 2020. In all of the scenarios, social and environmental pressures drive eco-friendly concerns into the mainstream. The message was  clear: don’t wait for consumers to force sustainability onto your agenda. Savvy brands can make money today by experimenting with new, ethical business ideas.

With that in mind, here’s how you can hold the Green kudos card for your sustainable exhibition stands and displays.

1. Choose stands made with recyclable and renewable materials

A growing number of manufacturers are producing exhibitions stands and POS displays that have less impact on the environment. For example, Colour Studios offer displays made from 75% recycled cardboard and are 100% recyclable.

sustainable exhibition stands

Image: Go Displays

Attending an outdoor trade show? Go Displays, a company based near us in Peterborough, supply durable and eco-friendly bamboo and recyclable polyester display solutions – perfect for the British weather. Stands made using aluminium frames are another practical option. They’re lightweight, can be used at outdoor shows and the metal is infinitely recyclable.

2. Use smart modular frames

Once known as the inferior cousin of custom built stands, modular frames have become a popular choice for exhibitors. Many of them can be flat-packed, taking up a lot less space for transportation and storage. Graphic panels can be easily refreshed with very little additional cost; a win-win situation for your pocket and your sustainability goals.

3. Experiment with tension fabric system (TFS)

Tension fabric display systems are a quick and easy way to use fabric graphics. Even if the fabric has been packed away for months, the tension across the frame will remove any creases.

Sustainable exhibition stands

Image: Cestrian

Cestrian offer bespoke TFSs that are completely recyclable. The company also have an industry-leading environmental policy; in 2016 less than 1% of their waste went to landfill. Choosing suppliers who have strong Green values will bolster your own environmental plan and help improve the image of your brand.

4. Switch to LED lights

LED lights last around 100 times longer than incandescent light bulbs. They cost less to run and emit less heat, which makes them safer in a display environment. Use light dispersing fabrics to alter the intensity of the light and lessen harsh contrasts.

5. Utilise digital displays

Digital screens allow you to showcase graphics, video, audio, or scrolling live news feeds at the touch of a button. A digital display can improve your stand’s re-usability and reduce your carbon footprint compared to many traditional exhibition methods.

sustainable exhibition displays

Image: ITU Pictures

The initial cost of the equipment is substantially more than printed materials, but can produce big savings over a three to five year period. As well as being eco-friendly and cost-cutting, digital gadgetry can draw a good crowd to your stand. Talk to us to learn more about creating powerful and attractive digital content.

6. Generalise print materials and avoid solvent-based inks

Need to use flyers or brochures at your next event? Choose recycled paper and keep the content generic so that spares can be handed out at your next event. Where possible, request printing with low-polluting water- or vegetable-based inks. If you must use virgin (non-recycled) paper, look for varieties that are certified FSC or PEFC.

An alternative is to invite visitors to scan a QR code that will launch a webpage, video, or other multi-media content – just remember that good WiFi or mobile coverage at your venue is essential.

Orchard House has produced several exhibition solutions from pop-up banners to large modular displays. For more information on the exhibition graphics service we offer, please call Daniel Speed on 01778 382758 or fill out the contact form below.


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