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Brand Creation – A brand is so much more than a logo!


Brand Identity – Creation and Development

The key to a strong brand is a solid foundation. If you are looking to create a new brand from scratch, let us be the company to guide you through the process. Here is a quick overview of the key considerations and services we offer:

Personal Brainstorming Sessions

All our work is custom designed by our in-house team. We will hold a personal brainstorming session with you to pinpoint how you want your business to be perceived and uncover that ‘special something’ about your brand’s persona, products and people. We will also take into consideration your target market, current visual trends in your industry and the end user requirements of your marketing material, be it flat print, packaging or digitally delivered.


We will distil these findings into a set of keywords and messages and suggest an appropriate ‘tone of voice’. This will be the ‘personality’ of your brand as expressed through the written word.

This encompasses not only the words you choose, but their order, rhythm and pace. Getting the tone of your marketing copy correct from day one is what will set you apart in a crowded market and make your content immediately identifiable.. We will find your favourite expressions, inflections and idiosyncrasies and use them to devise an authentic voice that will humanise your brand.

Brand Creation

Now the fun begins! Once we have determined the personality of your brand, we will craft your visual identity, starting with your main logo, typeface, marketing strapline and colours. Going through several iterations and amendment phases, we will communicate with you closely until you are happy with the fundamentals.


To test how your new brand identity would be received by the consumer, we will present it to a focus group of your target market. The results will be analysed and then presented to you, allowing you to gain sophisticated insights into how potential consumers will view your brand. At this point, any necessary tweaks will be made to the brand fundamentals before moving to the final stage.

Roll out

Finally we would produce Branding Guidelines that will ensure your logo, typefaces, colour scheme and marketing material fundamentals always stay on track. If your brand is to be produced on physical objects we suggest and present print and production techniques which would best suit your business. For example: If you were selling a range of locally sourced, ethically made products, we would show you a range of packaging solutions containing recycled materials and printed with vegetable based inks that match your ethical beliefs. We will then tie in our graphic techniques to take best advantage of your end user packaging materials.

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About Our Company

We have been providing design, publishing and marketing services for over 15 years. With extensive experience in contract publishing we have the experience and knowledge to fulfil your print and digital publishing requirements. We also offer a full suite of branding and graphic design services with a client base which ranged from breweries to yoga studios. All our clients have one thing in common with each other and us, they truly believe in their products and strive to produce the best.

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