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Brewery branding and marketing services

The UK craft micro brewing industry has exploded in the past 15 years with cask ale sales growing steadily against a national down turn of sales in other industries. Cask ale sales grew by 1.6% in 2011 and cask has overtaken keg as the most popular draught ale format. Brewery competition is fierce with SIBA (Society of Independent Brewers) membership going from 20 founding members in the 1980’s to over 700 currently and overall micro brewery numbers now well over 1000.

With new breweries opening all the time it has never been more important to have your brewery branding strategy ready from the start.We at Orchard House Media have worked with many breweries over the past 15 years, using our experience and expertise to provide complete branding solutions across print marketing, packaging, advertising, digital media and e-commerce. With our extensive contacts in the on and off trade we are able to make introductions to beer festival organisers, beer orderers, magazine editors and pub owners to increase your route-to-market and public exposure.
Here are some some of the services we provide:

Branding and Visual Identity for Start Up’s

We work with new start up breweries to identify and clarify a brewery brand position from your product line and target market. Using this information and in collaboration with the client, we come up with a set of keywords which succinctly describe your brand. From this base, we will build your brand, incorporating a logo and colour profile, slogans, product images, labelling, pump clips and advertising. Further bolt on services are available including web applications and e-commerce, social media management and SEO.

Several client consultations and price points are built in to every step of the process so you will always feel in total control both intellectually and financially.

Brand Extensions for Add-on Products and Services

When launching a new addition to your stable of existing products or services it is essential to incorporate your existing overall corporate branding within the new product. This needs to be subtle yet present enough that consumers can recognise and be reassured by your existing brand but not so overpowering that it drowns out the message from the new product or service.

Orchard House Media can consult with you on your new product and provide a selection of visual solutions, crafting your perfect brand addition. We are then able to roll out your new brand extension across all your required media platforms.

Print Marketing and Management

If your brewery is looking to produce product guides or an in-house magazine we have years of expertise and experience in producing publications. Our print buying power is influentual due to the amount of magazines we publish so the prices we receive from our UK and European based printers are very competitive.

We also provided the additional service of converting any printed marketing to a digital format which can be uploaded to a server or used for email marketing.

Digital Marketing & Social Media Management

Social media marketing requires a well though out plan from the start. We can help you identify and produce great content and implement this across Facebook, Google+, Pintrest and Twitter, incorporating gated competitions and other interactive media to gain you followers and potential consumers.

Editorial Copywriting and PR

With our network of magazine editors and contributors we can often gain sought after column inches in industry and consumer magazines with direct exposure to your target market. We can also make introductions and put you in touch with organisers and buyers for some of the largest beer festivals in the UK.

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About Our Company

We have been providing design, publishing and marketing services for over 15 years. With extensive experience in contract publishing we have the experience and knowledge to fulfil your print and digital publishing requirements. We also offer a full suite of branding and graphic design services with a client base which ranged from breweries to yoga studios. All our clients have one thing in common with each other and us, they truly believe in their products and strive to produce the best.

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