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How we use the internet is evolving at an ever-increasing rate. Businesses need to keep up with current trends in design, but several key factors remain constant to all good websites:-

• A good user interface so your site is easy to navigate
• Well thought out user experience so information is easy to find and consumers can buy
• Fast loading information
• Responsive design so the web site looks great on mobile devices, tablets and desktop computers

Our Approach to website design and build services

1. Listening to you

Initially will meet with you to complete a Requirements Document. This is our opportunity to really listen you what you need and clarify the main purposes of your website. Is it to increase awareness of your company or products locally? Is it going to be a revenue stream such as online sales? Is it to take bookings for an event? From conception to completion, we will work closely with you to produce a product that matches your expectations.

2. Usability: Create a sitemap and assess

A visual representation (wireframe) will be produced showing the click-through paths of the website and how each page / piece of information is accessed. We will then arrange a meeting to go through this with you and discuss any missing elements or alterations.

3. Usability: Prototyping

From the completed site map we will generate a set of prototype web pages with images, colours and text in place which will closely match the potential look and feel of the finished website. These prototypes will be adaptive and viewable in each of the requested sizes (mobile / desktop) as outlined in the Requirements Document.

The prototypes will contain clickable, touch links between each page to show basic functionality. At this stage we can make amendments to both functional elements (buttons, links, placement of navigation) and visual elements (colours, photos and graphics).

4. Coding and Testing

The final web site design will be coded on our local server environment in the required technologies as outlined in the Requirements Document.

We will make sure your SEO keyword and key phrases appear in the correct coding structure during the planning and development phases of your web site. This means your site will be optimised for search engines straight out of the bag.

Any external API’s / services will be linked in and the site tested for navigation breaks and accessibility. At this point you will be able to access the site via a secure link and complete their own testing with members of staff. Once the site is fully tested we move to roll out and live testing.

5.Deliver and Support

The tested web site will be transferred to your live server late at night to minimise downtime. The live site will then be tested for all links and integration with external web services. An initial 48 hour support will be included to check everything is working as it should.

We do more than just Code

Many clients require more than coding expertise to create an excellent website. We provide a range of bolt on services that can be added to create the bespoke and cost effective service, all under one roof.

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About Our Company

We have been providing design, publishing and marketing services for over 15 years. With extensive experience in contract publishing we have the experience and knowledge to fulfil your print and digital publishing requirements. We also offer a full suite of branding and graphic design services with a client base which ranged from breweries to yoga studios. All our clients have one thing in common with each other and us, they truly believe in their products and strive to produce the best.

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