Poster Design

Even in this digital age printed posters are still an effective marketing tool for event and product marketing. From World Wars and mass transport to food and musical events, the humble poster has been used as a social communication and propaganda tool for generations. The Jolly Fisherman to Pulp Fiction to the latest boy band, all of us will hold a poster design or two close to our hearts.

At Orchard House Media we respect the power a well thought-out and well executed poster design can have on the viewing public and approach each commission with the attention it deserves. Here are a few samples.

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About Our Company

We have been providing design, publishing and marketing services for over 15 years. With extensive experience in contract publishing we have the experience and knowledge to fulfil your print and digital publishing requirements. We also offer a full suite of branding and graphic design services with a client base which ranged from breweries to yoga studios. All our clients have one thing in common with each other and us, they truly believe in their products and strive to produce the best.

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